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Golden Bear Focus: Teach Volleyball

By Sarah McClendon, 07/11/22, 2:45PM PDT


We know and love volleyball

Golden Bear Volleyball had done it all. We have been a national powerhouse and we have been "rebuilding." As I am preparing for the 2023 club season I was reflecting on my relationship with volleyball. I have played it my whole life. Sometimes I have been playing at a higher level than other times, but one thing never changes. I just always want to play. 

This struck me as I try to recruit the best coaches in the Bay and step into the ultra competitive world of club volleyball to be top of the top. Honestly, if that happens great, but if you start your season with that being the main goal you have already lost. If winning is what you are after there will be many disappointments along the way. 

Golden Bear will celebrate the little things. We will celebrate learning technique that will last a lifetime. The first serve that goes over the net (and each ace forever after). We will celebrate priceless time with your team, receiving your new uniform, and perfecting the score book at your first tournament. It will be the little things along the way that will lead to bigger successes. 

If those successes result in winning, we are doing something right, but will take note as we push to continue to celebrate the little things that got us to that point. 

Go Bears!