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Golden Bear Programs

Golden Bear has vast experience in the many different components that make for a successful club experience. Our coaches provide instruction and leadership in practices, and our teams compete at a rarefied level. But to make the experience complete, we supplement the team setting with a club-wide experience which gives every player opportunities to benefit from what the entire club has to offer. This starts with our clinics, which expose players and coaches to Golden Bear's most knowledgeable specialists. It extends to the teamwork between Golden Bear coaches and teams. In the end, players and parents are the beneficiaries of a wealth of volleyball knowledge and experience.

We are adding an in house Director of Volleyball: Justin Caraway will be at practices advising head coaches on advanced strategies, working with skill specific groups, and ensuring Golden Bear as a club is all working with the same purpose. He will also lead club wide skill specific clinics throughout the season.

During pre-season we are utilizing access to ProAction Athletics for all teams to diversify their training on and off the volleyball court. 

Golden Bear is 100% dedicated to each of our players success.


Power League (Nike Teams)

Highly competitive travel teams lead by our experienced Golden Bear coaching staff. Competition is at it's top level in Power League. The best way to improve is to play teams that challenge you.

Teams: 13 Nike, 14 Nike &15 Nike

2020 NCVA Power League Schedule

  11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Qualifier February 1-2 February 1-2 February 1-2 February 1-2 February 1-2 February 1-2 February 1-2 December 14-15


League # 1 February 22 February 22 February 22 February 22 February 23 February 23 February 23 January 4
Site: San Mateo
Event Center
League # 2 March 14 March 14 March 15 March 15 March 15 March 8 March 1 January 5
Site: San Mateo
Event Center
League # 3 March 21 March 21 April 5 March 22 March 29 April 5 April 5 February 1
Region Championship May 2-3 May 2-3 May 2-3 May 2-3 May 9-10 May 9-10 May 9-10 February 29/ March 1
Region Bids for
Junior Nationals
National: 1
American: N/A
National: 1
American: 3
National: 2
American: 3
National: 2
American: 3
National: 2
American: 3
National: 2
American: 3
National: 2
American: 3
National: 2
American: 3
Awarded following

2019 Extra Tournaments/ Qualifiers

Nike teams compete in at least one USA Volleyball National Qualifier Tournament.


Far Westerns (Reno) 
Dates TBD


Nike Teams play in 3 additional tournaments listed below:

KickOff  January 18th – January 20th, 2020
Kick Start (12N) Saturday, January 18, 2020

President’s Day Tournament February 15-17, 2020

Bay View Classic May 23-25, 2020 

2019 Nike Team Fees

These are 2019 fees. 2020 fees are subject to change.

Team Dues Events Total 
18N $3,682 $1,105 $4,688
16N $3,682 $895 $4,817
15N $3,682 $895 $4,813
14N $3,682 $895 $4,813
13N $3,682 $895 $4,813
12N $1,845 $845 $2,805


Fees based on all things necessary for a successful season:

Head Coach
Assistant Coach
Skill Specific Coach (Justin Caraway- Director of Volleyball)
Skill Specific Clinics
ProAction Athletics Pre-Season Conditioning 13+
NCVA Power League
3 Extra Tournamets
1 National Qualifier 

Premier League

Highly committed athletes playing in local tournaments. Each week Premier teams will have two team practices per week, access to skill specific clinics, and compete in the NCVA Premier League (schedule below)

Teams: 18 Gold, 16 Gold, 15 Gold, 14 Gold, 13 Gold, 12 Gold 

2020 Premier League Schedule

  12 14/13 16/15 18/17
Qualifier January 25 January 26 January 26 January 25
League # 1 March 1 March 1 February 29 February 29
League # 2 March 14 March 14 March 15 March 15
League # 3 April 4 April 4 April 5 April 5
League # 4 April 25 April 25 May 2 May 3
Region Championship May 2-3 May 2-3 May 16-17 May 16-17

Premier Team Fees

2019 Premier Team Pricing for reference. 2020 price is subject to change.

18G $1,959 $0 $2,034
16G $1,959 $0 $2,034
15G $1,959 $0 $2,034
14G $1,959 $0 $2,034
13G $1,959 $0 $2,034
12G $1,959 $0 $2,034
Cubs $404 $0 $423


Price includes everything necessary to be successful (except the actual work):

Head Coach
Skill Specific Coach (Justin Caraway- Director of Volleyball)
Skill Specific Clinics
NCVA Premier League

Sports Performance Training

ProAction Athletics is Golden Bears' premier training facility. Our coaches will work with their teams with the goal of strength and conditioning. The gym gives us private access and a variety of tools to reach and exceed our pre-season goals and continue at the coaches discretion throughout the season. 

Training off the volleyball court is valuable to head off injuries and build stronger players. Athletes will work with TRX straps, Kettlebells, Weights, and various Plyometric tools.

Our goal at Golden Bear is to provide a college type committed experience to their sport. We will provide an age specific training program with progressions throughout the program. Serious athletes use every advantage afforded to them and we feel ProAction is one more tool in our tool belt to give us a leg up on our competition. 


Recruiting Workshop – Early February

Golden Bear offers a recruiting workshop for parents and players. Anyone in the freshman year or later who has not attended a Golden Bear recruiting workshop in the past is required to attend. The workshop is a comprehensive review of the recruiting process, including an overview of the process, the player's role, NCAA rules, and an thorough Q & A.


Golden Bear will offer a seminar covering rules, coaching techniques, and strategies. All teams will offer several team meetings to include players, parents, coaching staff, and administration.

Athletic Training and Injury Prevention

Stan Nakahara, Golden Bear Trainer-in-Residence. For years, Stan has worked wonders with injured Golden Bear athletes. Stan will have regular drop-in hours at Golden Bear practices, free to all Golden Bears. Stan will also advise coaches on injury prevention and treatment.

Student-Athlete Skills

Sharing our experience as college coaches and student-athletes, we address topics such as time management, stress management, and goal setting (short and long-term). These skills are wonderful to instill in young players. These lessons will stay with them through college and beyond into their adult years. 


Golden Bear strives to keep our practices consistent through the club from the older teams to the youngest team. The intensity and the expectations change, but the core trainings are the same. This allows us to  offer “open practices.” With the advance consent of both coaches, players may attend practices of other teams. We train our coaches to be proficient at developing each player individually and improve their team collectively with common goals.  

Fall Skills Clinics

Fall Skills clinics start in mid-September and run Sundays up to tryouts. We use this opportunity to work with athletes on individual skills and position-specific training. Our clinics give players and parents time to meet our coaches and experience our club philosophies of hard work even on the simple things.

Golden Bear Volleyball Club Partners and Affiliates

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Golden Bear Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization and all sponsorships are tax deductible.


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